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Top Doctor for Palliative CarePalliative care is deeply appreciated during the most stressful and unpredictable of life’s situations; namely the diminishing loss of memory, functional status or during an acute illness.

Although Palliative Care is available for all those with a serious illness, for those individuals who are specifically at end of life and considering hospice, compassionate care offers a choice to embrace an achievable hope that doesn’t focus merely on “more time” but rather assists in seeing past their illness and pain, focusing on values and the joy of being with those they love.

Deciding on a plan of care for one’s self or a loved one is a difficult process. It is a task often filled with the anxiety that surrounds uncertainty. Sadly, many of the critical decisions are made based in fear, guilt or a lack of information. What I refer to as “the evil trifecta”. Here is where Palliative Care can help. For those in need, it is simply water in the desert. It can reach beyond fear, uncertainty and pain ultimately leading to hope and healing for all.

By taking extensive time to explore physical, psychological and spiritual pain, clarify a patient’s wishes, define their fears and aspirations or addressing family concerns and conflicts, Palliative Care assists in coping and creating a path beyond these issues. Whether the patient is at home, in a nursing facility or has an acute issue and hospitalized, Palliative care can lessen the stress of illness by providing information that empowers the individual, their family and care givers.

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About Donna Coletti, MD

Donna Coletti
Donna Coletti, M.D., M.S., FACOG

My introduction to palliative care was through the witnessing of extraordinary acts of compassion and courage when my father was diagnosed at age forty with a cancer that resulted in disfigurement and loss of speech. While experiencing this vulnerability, all those involved in his life became more human.

TEDx Talk from October 2019: https://youtu.be/bCcnjRBpWaU

As there were no guarantees of survival there was rather the tacit understanding that he would be cared for one day at a time, with a focus on goals and needs.

The experience of practicing as an OB/GYN expanded my capacity to understand compassion by assisting women and their families bear the pain of despair during infertility, pregnancy loss, the diagnosis of a life- threatening illness and the death of a loved one.

This path was later re- directed by the clarion call of parents who needed assistance. Observing compassionate nurses and home health aides, I stopped seeing medicine as a primarily linear path. The practice of medicine became a better awareness of and appreciation for the Circle of Life.

At first blush, birth and death may appear diametrically opposed; in fact, the psychological and emotional issues are very similar. Both are about transitions. Guiding women through transitions was simply a stepping-stone to a mid-life career change, to a focus on Hospice and Palliative Care.

My father died at the age of 86, having outlived most of his peers, his physician and surgeon. I had the privilege of caring for him and for my mother, who passed soon thereafter and five years later, being the founding medical director of the Stephen and Betsy Corman Palliative Care Center at Greenwich Hospital.

Today, following the creation and development of both inpatient and outpatient models for care at Greenwich Hospital, Yale New Haven Health I have returned to practicing private Palliative Care consultations. This new practice will bring my medical counseling back into the community through office or home visits, outpatient video consultations and Greenwich Hospital consultations.

Patient Care Services

    • Pain and Symptom Management
      (Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Fatigue, Nausea, Constipation etc.)
    • Goals of Care Counseling
    • Family meetings
    • Functional Assessments with Take-Away Analysis Reports
    • Link to Self Administered Functional Assessment Tool

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Isn’t Palliative Care the same as Hospice?

No. ALL Hospice Care is palliative in nature but NOT ALL Palliative Care is Hospice.  Palliative Care simply addresses the relief of pain (physical, psychological, social, spiritual or practical struggles) without expectation for cure of its cause. Hospice Care is a type of Palliative Care specifically for those with a life expectancy of 6 months or less.

How Do I Know Who Would Benefit from Palliative Care?

If you been recently diagnosed with a serious or life-threatening illness and need assistance in understanding matters regarding goals of care options ie: living wills or advanced directives; long term care or hospice, a goals of care discussion may be of assistance.

If you are of advanced age with changing physical and emotional needs requiring home health aides or simply help with routine activities of life, a goals of care discussion may be of assistance.

If you are the caregiver of someone who is described above you may benefit from discussing their condition and their options for further care.

Patient Resources

Links to information and videos that will explain more about palliative care.


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